Welcome to the Team FLAS (Full Lock and Sideways) page here is a little bit about us.


Team FLAS came about as a bit of a dream that is now a reality, after years of thinking about starting my own motorsport team.

The team consists of Tracey, Tom, Kristina, myself and our team photographer Ben Hillsdon Photography.

I have been involved with motorsport since before I can remember. My dad competed at Wanneroo Raceway in the touring cars (Mini Cooper S) and motokhanas, then continued on in HQ racing before acquiring Dick Johnson’s Ford Mustang and competed in the Sports Sedans series.

My Dad is still competing now in hill climbs and speed event series. So you could say my childhood background was the racetrack.


I started at a young age driving cars around Wanneroo Raceway picking up trailers etc, then did some test and tune days for various people as well as in my own cars.

I have driven various go-kart sand race cars around Wanneroo Raceway over the years.

I have competed in Speed events, Hill climbs, Time Attack, general circuit racing and Street Car Drag racing nights at Perth Motorplex over the years.

We are currently embarking on our 3rd year of competitive drifting in Western Australia.

We are also in the process of finding a vehicle to start the build of a second car for the team.


Why drifting you may ask ????

I have always wanted to give myself a new challenge to learn a new motorsport discipline and drifting looked like the perfect opportunity.

I was always in awe at the control the drivers have of a drift car when you are throwing it sideways into a corner.

Then when you are the chase car, trying to mimick the lead car’s line and angle, whilst going door to door with them at the same time the car is sideways.


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Keep it it on the racetrack and not the public roads



We had mechanical failure back in November 2018 and sadly did some major damage to the car. Over the last 4-6 months we have rebuilt the car, and given it a completely new professional look. It's now all one colour with brand new parts installed, ready for the new season. Below is a photo gallery of before, during and after the rebuild. Full event albums can be found on our Facebook page.

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